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 Gladius Naruto RP Site

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PostSubject: Gladius Naruto RP Site   Gladius Naruto RP Site EmptyWed Oct 04, 2017 12:02 am

Gladius Naruto RP Site Naruto13

  • Gladius is a new text based Naruto roleplaying game where you can create your own shinobi, explore the world of Naruto, and create meaningful stories with others. We offer:

  • A skill based progression system so that you can objectively track the abilities and path of your character as you move from Genin to Jounin

  • A quest feature that allows you to seek out new and exciting techniques from the anime and manga.

  • An active and engaged staff willing to assist you with getting custom techniques and abilities approved

  • A dynamic storyline that is affected and changed by player actions ensuring that everyone has a chance to make their mark on site history.

  • An in depth and strategic Village Resource system designed to enhance the stakes during war and conquest.

Join us at Gladius and get others to join for a referral bonus!


"Any avatars or signatures which contain content which shows an amount of sexual content is not tolerated here. These things fall under this rule: If a picture shows skimpy clothing which barely cover anything, if the picture has suggestive poses and flaunts certain aspects of the male/female anatomy to the point where it would take very little thought to complete the picture, and enlarged images which due to the angle which they are at only show the lower waist area or chest area. Of course this is not an exhaustive list and staff has the power to declare what falls under this rule or not."


Hell yea it is....
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Gladius Naruto RP Site
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